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Antony Langdon is the culprit??!!!!

Is That the Guitarist From Spacehog Pooping on Joaquin Phoenix?

Is I’m Still Here, Casey Affleck’s documentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s pretend rap career, for real? Consider this! In Variety’s review today, they note the following:

The end credits list multiple talents credited as themselves (Phoenix and Affleck, obviously), as well as several key people who have names other than what they’ve been called onscreen. The most important example would be the character known sometimes as "Anton" and sometimes as "Anthony," who’s presented throughout as Phoenix’s assistant, but who is credited not as "himself" but as Antony Langdon, a little-known thesp whose previous film appearances include a small role in Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine.

Langdon is a "little-know thesp," but he’s probably better known as the rhythm guitarist for English glam-rock band Spacehog, whose "In the Meantime" was a hit in 1995. But how will people know him after they see I’m Still Here?

Probably as the guy who pooped on Joaquin Phoenix. Here’s a bit from Time’s review:

Phoenix’s longtime assistant Antony Langdon has one more [humiliation] in store. Constantly debased by Phoenix, who tells him, "I will shit on your face," Langdon creeps into Phoenix’s bedroom one night, stands over his sleeping boss and seems to defecate onto him. And Affleck is there to film it.

Delightful. (A brief glimpse of this part can be seen, we think, in I’m Still Here’s trailer, and in the still above.) Despite his billing in Here, we’re pretty sure Langdon is not, and was not, Phoenix’s put-upon "assistant." For a short period in 2008, the pair were actually bandmates (they played together in a group called The Lady Is a Tramp). Phoenix also once partook in a joint interview with Spacehog (when they were performing under the name Arckid in 2006) for BlackBook: "We met in New York about ten years ago," said Phoenix of his friendship with Langdon. "But you can say we all met at a nudist colony in Russia, that’d be fine with me".

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