Foot Fetish?

10/09/2010 | By

Joaquin ‘firmly’ attached to Big Shoe…

Joaquin Phoenix’s reported self-imposed exile from acting could be coming to an end – he’s attached to quirky drama ‘Big Shoe’.

‘The ‘Walk the Line’ star announced his acting retirement in 2008 to concentrate on a rap career instead. His scruffy bearded appearance and eccentric public appearances, including his infamous David Letterman interview, led to speculation that it was all an intricate hoax. A documentary by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck chronicling his apparent meltdown has only fuelled those accusations. However, Affleck and Phoenix insist that forthcoming ‘I’m Still Here’ is indeed real.

But Phoenix is ready to return to acting again.

While the independent film hasn’t managed to raise funding yet, he’s firmly attached to ‘Big Shoe’ – which tells the story of a foot fetishist who is also a maverick footwear designer.

It’s also claimed that the Oscar winning actor has taken meetings for several other films.