Joaquin swaps Wu Tang for Klaxons…

21/09/2010 | By

Klaxons Unleash Rave-Worthy Set in NYC…..Joaquin spotted!

Halfway through Myths‘ "Magick," the band stopped the song for at least a full minute as the house lights darkened further and the crowd hollered for more, before roaring back with Simon Taylor-Davis’ screeching guitar solo and more blinding strobe lights.

It was a great moment — and Joaquin Phoenix was certainly smiling. There he was by the bar nodding his head looking very much not like his character in Casey Affleck’s "documentary," I’m Still Here. No dreads, no sunglasses, no beer belly, just Joaquin hanging with his friends: Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. (in a predictably vintage AC/DC tee) and former Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon, who played Phoenix’s beleaguered assistant in the film.

Who knows, maybe the guy’s working on an upcoming Brit-rock "documentary" — the story of how Joaquin left Hollywood, got skinny, grew his hair out, and started writing fuzzed-out odes to Mars and time travel? Langdon could even produce. Anything’s possible…

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