I’m Still Here – Copenhagen

05/11/2010 | By

Documentary film festival opens in Copenhagen – Late news!!!

Scandinavia’s largest film festival for documentary films opened Thursday in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

This year over 180 films will be shown at the festival, which will last from Nov. 4 till Nov. 14. Besides, 15 concerts and 15 panel discussions will be on the agenda.

One of the most anticipated movies will be "I’ m still here" featuring Joaquin Phoenix, who starred in movies such as "Gladiator" and "Walk the Line." The movie "I’ m still here" is a so-called mockumentary directed by Casey Affleck, the younger brother of Hollywood star Ben Affleck.

CPH:DOX was launched eight years ago as a film festival dedicated to documentaries. According to the festival director, Tine Fischer, documentary films weren’t exactly blockbuster movies back then.

"The documentary-genre is without doubt the most innovative film genre currently. There is constantly new thinking, and the genre is constantly radically challenged. The borders of how reality is shown are constantly moved in new landscapes," Fischer said in the festival’ s program.

The highest-grossing documentary to date is American filmmaker Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11," which questions the reasons behind the American-led Iraq invasion in 2003 and the war on terror. According to the movie website boxofficemojo.com, "Fahrenheit 9/11" has earned more than 119 million U.S. dollars.

Last year more than 37,000 people attended the screenings. The DOX award, the main prize of the festival, was awarded to the documentary "Trash Humpers" directed by Harmony Korine.

This year 13 films have been nominated for the DOX award.

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