Tim Burgess Interview

12/11/2010 | By

Today Online Interview

The Charlatans are currently down under in Australia. En route on the tour, Tim Burgess answers the obligatory ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ question!

"Of course we couldn’t end the conversation without asking one more thing: What happened to Burgess’ appearance on Joaquin Phoenix’s "rap album"?

"What happened was, I was with him when he was making that film (I’m Still Here), or a little before that," he explained. "I was making a record with his friend Antony Langdon (of Spacehog). Joaquin was producing and they were both writing the songs.

"I’ve not seen those guys for quite some time now, so I don’t really know what’s going on … Personally, though, I thought the film was wonderful. Absolutely fantastic."

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The Charlatans 27th Oct 2010, London