Get in line Jennifer Aniston …..

23/11/2010 | By

Jen joins the queue? Stranger things have happened….and they are both gorgeous!

Jennifer Aniston reportedly has a “huge crush” on Joaquin Phoenix and is keen to go on a date with him.

The Hollywood actress is believed to have set up a business meeting with the quirky actor after the pair met at a screening of Joaquin’s documentary I’m Still Here in August. Joaquin mentioned he was looking for a movie project, so Jennifer decided to discuss her new movie musical The Goree Girls with him.

The pair enjoyed instant chemistry when they were introduced and Jennifer is believed to have had a soft spot for Joaquin for many years. Since they have been in talks about working together, Jennifer is reportedly considering asking Joaquin out on a date as she finds him hugely attractive.

“He’s single, funny and handsome, and she likes that he is a bit kooky. There have been calls, texts and emails to set up a meeting – ostensibly to cast him in a new movie project – but apparently Jen just wants to spend more time with him because he’s her huge crush,” a source told Grazia magazine. “Even if this was strictly a business meeting, Jen walked away like a love-struck schoolgirl. She’s had a crush on him from a distance for a long time, but after meeting him, she was fascinated by his charisma and presence.”

Joaquin is reportedly reluctant to get involved in such a high-profile romance, but does enjoy spending time with Jennifer. The 35-year-old actor is flattered by Jennifer’s advances and hasn’t ruled out going on a date with the 42-year-old beauty.

“Joaquin has been saying that she has been trying to get him to go on another date for weeks,” the source added. “They certainly seemed to get on, but he likes to keep a very low-profile, so a romance with Jen would be difficult. However, she’s one of the most eligible girls in Hollywood, so it’s certainly not out of the question that they could become a couple.”

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