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Did the ISH furore mess with TL’s ultimate success??

No film session/collection can be complete without Two Lovers…..Beautiful, understated and almost perfect (almost, yes we know some of it misses the mark!)……The blog Mise en Meh has Two Lovers at number 788 in it’s film list….not that remarkable in itself? No…..but the write up is. We can’t help but agree …..

BLOG: Miseenmeh

Extracts from: Two Lovers and the strange journey of Joaquin Phoenix…..Or How to Sabotage Your Own Film

"Though for today, I am going to focus on Two Lovers, a forgotten and unfairly overlooked film from last year"

"Perhaps things would have gone better for this understated drama if the star hadn’t sabotaged the opening. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, it was during the press tour for Two Lovers that he began his “career transition” to aspiring rapper. Showing up on Letterman incoherent and with a giant beard, the film took a backseat to the filming of what would become key plot points in I’m Still Here, Casey Affleck’s worthy directorial effort in the genre of gonzo filmmaking. Though without a doubt, I approve of the satirical nature of I’m Still Here, I wished he instead would have done this during press for the bland Departed knock-off “We Own the Night.”

"Phoenix also delivers out an amazingly understated yet emotionally powerful performance. It begs the question of why, if he was so good, would he chose to completely wreck the integrity of the picture by having an emotional breakdown (albeit, a fake one) during the press tour?"