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2010….Best and Worst

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What a weird year! Who would have thought that Sandra Bullock would be crowned Best Actress but find herself trawled through tabloid hell? That Joaquin Phoenix was only acting crazy but Mel Gibson would see his comeback go up in smoke? That James Cameron would lose out on the Academy Award for best director to his ex-wife, and that Avatar (worldwide box-office: $2.8 billion) would lose best picture to The Hurt Locker (worldwide gross: $48 million)?

That Peter Jackson would take Alice Sebold’s best-seller The Lovely Bones and make such a flop even Susan Sarandon (who’s in it) complained?

That Colin Firth would become an international movie star at age 50, earn his first Oscar nomination (A Single Man), and follow it with what seems to be his second (The King’s Speech)?

And talking of age, that Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Helen Mirren would star in chart topping action movies…(The Expendables/Red).

That Ernest Borgnine (93) and Eli Wallach (95) would steal scenes in Red and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (and the The Ghost) respectively…

That the UK Film Council would enjoy maybe it’s most successful year yet – and then be shut down by the incoming coalition government?

That Roman Polanski would follow months of incarceration with his triumph at the European Film Awards, The Ghost at the banquet…

That Jerry Bruckheimer would back two bombs: Prince of Persia and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Leonardo Di Caprio would make two dream projects (Shutter Island and Inception); and Werner Herzog would make two cop movies (Bad Lieutenant and My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done)…

That Gerard Depardieu would rip Juliette Binoche, of all people (“She’s nothing!”)

… And the best-reviewed American movie of the year would be about a social media site?!

10 Best Films of the Year

1. Toy Story 3

1. Toy Story 3

Pixar delivered another modern classic with this brilliant escape movie about the perils of getting older.


2. Ponyo

It was another outstanding year for animation (see also: The Secret of Kells). Miyazaki’s fable was a thing of wonder.


3. Carlos

In the five-hour version, of course. This real life political thriller from Olivier Assayas shed illuminating light on the state of the world – see it as a prequel to Wikileaks.

Shutter Island

4. Shutter Island

Of Leo’s two dream movies I preferred Scorsese’s expressionist nightmare, a film that some dismissed as a predictable one-twist mystery…


5. Inception

But for me it stood up to repeat viewings better than Nolan’s dazzling puzzle pic.

Exit Through the Gift Sho

6. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Easily the wittiest documentary of the year, and a brilliant insight into the guerilla tactics of street art.


7. Mother

This Korean thriller from the director of The Host is a superb murder mystery and riveting character study all in one. I vote Matt Reeves direct the US remake.

Let Me In

8. Let Me In

The Maltese Falcon… The Magnificent Seven… The Beat My Heart Skipped… Not all remakes are worthless, and this Americanization of Let the Right One In was inspired filmmaking.

The Social Network

9. The Social Network

Aaron Sorkin wrote the best script of the year and found ideal collaborators in David Fincher, Jesse Eisenberg et all. But it’s borderline overrated, don’t you think?

Un Prophete

10. Un Prophete

Another superior French thriller, this prison movie by Jacques Audiard was also a penetrating study of how to get ahead in business.

Honourable mentions:

The Road, Winter’s Bone, Splice, Certified Copy, The Secret of Kells, City of Life and Death, The Headless Woman, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, The Secret in Their Eyes, Tetro, Lebanon, La Danse, The Ghost, The Road, Mesrine, Treeless Mountain

Christmas Turkeys: The Worst Films of the Year


1. Killers

The Last Airbender

2. The Last Airbender

The Expendables

3. The Expendables

Tooth Fairy

4. Tooth Fairy

All About Steve

5. All About Steve