Where’s Your Head At??!!

31/12/2010 | By

BBC three’s 100 Most Annoying People of 2010.

There’s only one thing more annoying than bad publicity…..err no publicity! Even so, how surprised were we to see Joaquin’s name come up for the tongue in cheek BBC Three show, 2010’s 100 Most Annoying People. So we sat watching last night and he wasn’t in the first 100 to 50. So we sat down tonight to watch….and wait for it….our man has come in at…..number 19!!!
Watch and enjoy……Thanks to Nick for recording for me and Rebecca for uploading to Youtube!

OK…..a bit mean but it was funny! Ish…..! Anyway, Joaquin can console himself that his fellow actor old Rusty Russell Crowe himself came in at number 16……3 higher than our man!