Trent Reznor scores Vampire flick

03/03/2011 | By

and Joaquin’s name comes up again!

Surely not??

The once-iconoclastic musician Trent Reznor has come into the mainstream since his Nine Inch Nails days, donning a tux when his moody electronic The Social Network score was nominated, and won, an Academy Award. He’s just been tapped to score the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, possibly starring Joaquin Phoenix as beloved Abe.

But just in case anyone thinks Reznor’s lost his edge, he’s signed on to a fun cameo as a vampire who kills Abraham Lincoln’s mother. (Also, typing that just now makes me feel like I’m on drugs.) But that’s how it is. Do you think Reznor’s scoring style for the film will fall on the electro side again? Or more like his NiN stuff? Or somewhere in-between.