Total Film’s 40 Great Movie Posters

30/03/2011 | By

WTL coming in at number 30…..

Total Film have a wonderful article today, 40 Great Movie Posters. Amongst the greats……lies this little beauty and a message to Joaquin’s agent that I’m sure we all agree with!

The Poster: It’s block colours ahoy in this excellent poster from Obama’s favourite designer, Shepard Fairey.

Why So Awesome: Apart from the uber-trendy design aesthetic, we love the level of detail involved here, from the Ring Of Fire-referencing flames to the Johnny Cash signature on the guitar’s neck. Oh, and any poster that has the star facing away from the viewer is automatically just that little bit cooler.

How Representative Of The Movie: Well, it looks authentically ‘60s for a start, and then there’s Joaquin’s expression…this isn’t selling the movie as any sort of happy-go-lucky jaunt, and nor should it.

Who Would Hang It On Their Wall: Joaquin’s agent should have this on prominent display in his office next time he sees his client. Somebody, please get him back doing proper films!

Full article here: Total Film