2012: A Year In Review

31/12/2012 | By

Well the year has come to an end and what a year it was! We had a lot going on this year….. here’s a look back at the highlights and a the lows! Happy New Year all 🙂

January – Joaquin starts filming on Lowlife in New York City…..we had hundreds of photos!











February: Love Struck Techno Wonk – Joaquin is confirmed for Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ and JPC celebrates it’s 2nd birthday!

March: The Master release dates begin to emerge

April: Her starts being filmed – a JPC exclusive

May: Harvey Weinstein picks up Lowlife and the first Master trailers are released!

June: 1st pictures from the Her set….











July: Joaquin goes to Shanghai for the filming of Her and the theatrical trailer for The Master is released!

August: The Master starts on special screenings and reactions come through….

The Master was shown last night in Santa Monica after a The Shining screening. Reactions are strong and extremely positive:

“There are three or four scenes between Phoenix and Hoffman that are barn burners. It also containts the best work Amy Adams has ever done.

“Phoenix WILL win Best Actor”

Also JPC 3 is introduced!

September: Joaquin steps onto the Lido for the Venice Film Festival for The Master. We see his new girlfriend Heather for the first time. A week later he shows up at Toronto Film Festival and the Master is released in the USA.











October: The Master shows at the opening night at Cockatoo Island’s first film festival in Sydney, Australia.  The Elvis Mitchell Interview: Joaquin’s Oscargate……. less said the better! Our man celebrates his 38th Birthday!

November: The Master opens in the UK. Joaquin seen out and about in LA…











December: Golden Globes: Joaquin is nominated for Best Actor for The Master. More nominations follow…..







2013 looks set to be even better……Happy New Year all

Love Karen and Poppie xxxxx