Joaquin and James Gray re-unite

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Low Life…..

A Charming Sleazebag…..

It seems all is forgiven and it’s water under the bridge as James Gray and his alter ego Joaquin Phoenix re-unite for LOW LIFE. This fantastic news sees Joaquin team up with Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Renner. This will be Joaquin and James’s 4th outing and its a quite mouth watering plot…

According to Collider, the story centers on a woman (Cotillard) who emmigrates to America from Poland. During her journey to Ellis Island, she is forced to trade sexual favors for medicine and food to help her ailing sister. Once she arrives in America she falls victim to “a sleazebag” (Phoenix) who advises her to become a prostitute.Renner is in talks to play Phoenix’s cousin, a charming magician who falls for Cotillard’s character. Filming is poised to begin next year.

Who you calling a Low Life?


Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix have joined the cast of Low Life, Deadline reports. Jeremy Renner is also said to be in negotiations for the James Gray film.

The storyline deals with an immigrant (Cotillard) who suffers from a nightmarish ordeal emigrating from Poland. Forced into prostitution to provide for her sick sister, Cotillard’s character winds up getting taking in by Phoenix’s character, a "charming sleazebag." Renner’s potential role is that of a magician, also the cousin of said sleazebag, who offers the woman a potential romance.

Production on Low Life is not scheduled to begin until all the actors’ schedules free up in 2012

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