Tim Burgess 2020 interview

07/06/2011 | By

Joaquin is an enigma…

2020 Magazine has an interview with Tim Burgess , lead singer with The Charlatans on June 6th 2011…..the usual suspect of a question came up and Tim said this:

Q- What was it like to work with Joaquin Phoenix, and how did this collaboration come together?

Tim- Working with Joaq was an amazing experience. He is as intense and articulate in the studio as he is on screen. Watch the film I’m Still Here. The main thing about him is that he is an enigma and I am not going to destroy that with a sound bite. He asked Alan McGee and myself to come up to his studio in Hollywood to listen through to an album he was working on with a mutual friend of all of ours

So there you have it……again!

LINK: 2020 Magazine