Mare Island

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One huge film set for new big budget movie

Mare Island: One huge film set for new big budget movie

If you are one of the lucky folks who reside on Mare Island, you’ve already got much to crow about. The panoramic views from the Island (especially from the Mare Island Golf course range) are extraordinary, the flora and fauna are gorgeous and there’s enough history to mesmerize even the most entrenched of history buffs.

Factor in the recent arrival of marquee talent and film crews and the heightened excitement is palpable. As we told you earlier this week, the Island is really hopping with the filming of a new major motion picture, (working title is The Master). And we’ve got two Mare Island residents to thank big time for sharing their glimpses of what is happening behind many now-shrouded Mare Island locations.

Dana and Patrick Vandeweg, owners of Corte Madera-based Stellar Spa, live on Mare Island. The Vandewegs have unique access to the behind-the-scenes action since some of their business property is temporarily being used by the film crews for staging, such as storing costumes and preparing scenes.

Patrick Vandeweg used his ingenuity and access to capture many of the Mare Island scene locations. In a sequence of postings we will share them with you. So make sure you hit the subscribe buttom (above) so that you don’t miss the next posting (It’s free and you will receive an email alert every time we publish a new posting).

The Vandewegs are also sharing their Mare Island filming tidbits at their Stellar Spa blog so make sure you check it out also.

Vandeweg expects that the filming will continue for the next week or so. Security is tight so you may have to wait until the movie hits the silver screen to see the Island sets up close. In this slide show (access to the left of this text) we open our sequence with a peak at one of the historical mansions that is being used as a movie set.