Julian Shah-Tayler

08/04/2010 | By

Friend of JPC, Julian was interviewed again about his working with Joaquin and he adds a little to his previous tale….

So my friend Scott (Adamandevil) and I moved across to Los Angeles from England around the same time, and met up with an old friend, Alan McGee (Creation Records boss) who used to manage "Whitey" (my old band) to discuss him supporting our music with his new label. Alan had previously set us up with an audition for Courtney Love (another story!) and mentioned that he was considering managing a famous actor, whose new material was amazing. That actor turned out to be Joaquin.

Scott and I recorded and played with him for around 2 weeks, in which time we recorded on around 8 songs. (I played piano and percussion and contributed vocals) alongside Antony Langdon, (Spacehog) on main vocals.
The project was rehearsed with Wildcat Will on drums, but never ended up going to a live format, as Joaquin was called to do another movie and the momentum fizzled, Alan went back to live in retirement in Wales.
Joaquin was an experience to work with. His type of crazy comes with an enormous amount of creative flair and much more focus than people give him credit for. His songwriting (I understand in collaboration with Antony) is very tasteful and I love the songs….

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