Volunteers needed to warm Joaquin up?

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Set report from 1st July 2011

Little report from The Master set from Friday night:

To the best of my knowledge, they’re going back to LA today. Last night they shot a scene before I got there with Joaquin coming out of the water and I think the extras in that scene were supposed to be at a party or something. The scene I was in was at the Maritime Hall, which was supposed to be a hiring hall and all of us were playing guys looking for work there. During our scene, the guy behind the counter would say what he was looking for (pumpmen, oilers, etc. — all jobs on ships) and then we’d approach the counter with these cards and lay them on the counter in hopes of being chosen. In the scene, Joaquin would move through the crowd to the front, look at the board to see the job listings, and then walk back out of the crowd. Somebody mentioned he wasn’t feeling too well because he got so cold during his scene earlier — San Francisco bay waters are freezing, even in summer.

Volunteer needed to warm Joaquin up…..any takers?!!!


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