Walking The Dog

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What has always been missing from your Joaquin back catalogues? Walking The Dog? Well now we have it for you! Thanks to forum member Bellissima!

Walking the Dog Directed & Produced by Bonnie Palef from Bonnie Palef 

Her short film "WALKING THE DOG", with Joaquin Phoenix, Frances Sternhagen, and Victor Garber has been met with great enthusiasm on the festival circuit, receiving awards from the USA, The CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL, and THE FORT LAUDERDALE FILM FESTIVALS, as well as great acclaim in the noncompetitive festivals such as the prestigious London, Toronto, and Virginia Film Festival. Katherine Hepburn had loved the first draft of the script and wanted to play the lead, several years before actual production. Martin Scorsese has invited Palef to observe him direct several of his films and has sought her creative collaboration on a number of projects in development. Scorsese began mentoring Palef as a director on her film WALKING THE DOG and has since continued to take an active interest in her directing work, including advising her on the early development of “Betraying the Lion”.