Marion Cotillard dreams of Joaquin….

22/08/2011 | By

Well working with him at least!

Elle France has this interview with Marion and James Gray’s Low Life is discussed briefly.
Elle. You will also work with James Gray, one of your other favorite directors …
MC: "This is a period film, “Low Life” in which I play the role of a Polish woman who emigrated to the United States with her sister. Joaquin Phoenix plays well. I dreamed of working with them. It is also for me to return to a central character which tells the story from beginning to end. I was very happy in recent years, to walk in the world of very talented directors, sometimes through small stakes, but I still need to carry a story on my shoulders. I also have some very exciting projects in France, but at the moment, nothing is confirmed yet. And I have a small stake in Soderbergh’s film “Contagion”. This director is an amazing type, he does everything on a plate, even the frame and the lights. It was a great experience."

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