A Detour In Life

07/09/2011 | By

Joaquin in talks?

IMDb is listiing A Detour In Life (2011) as in production with Joaquin in talks. 

Not sure if this an error yet…..it seems like it could be.

After James wife is tragically killed by a horse, he takes a detour down a road of self-destruction and drunkenness, ignoring the cries of help from his coming of age daughter, Abbey. Will James stay down this path? Or will he fight his inner demons, if not just for the sake of himself, but for the sake of Abbey? What detour will Abbey choose after the loss of her mother and her father becoming a drunk? Both Abbey and James go through a roller coaster of a life of ups and downs. But something or someone is coming to settle this coaster ride by an unexpected detour that comes along from an unlikely source. One that neither of them ever saw coming. Will it be for the good or for bad? If good, will they accept this new detour? Who or what is this detour? Only James and Abbey can figure it out together. But it will take one of them to make the turn, which ever way they go will have a huge impact on the rest of their life.

Joaquin in talks to play James Thomas.