Low Life Update

06/12/2011 | By

Bruno Weis for Joaquin!


Jeremy Renner speaks to Collider just this last week about his upcoming projects including LOW LIFE.


JEREMY RENNER: What a great opportunity. It’s an amazing story. It’s James Gray, Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix. That’s some of the best talent out there. It’s not an action movie, which at this point, from where I’m sitting, is a nice thing. I can actually take a break on my body and just focus on work and character. That’s refreshing and to work with that calibre of talent is really exciting. It’s a small role. It’s something I can shoot in a very short amount of time. There’s a pimp, a whore and a magician and I get to play the magician, in a really cool, early 1900’s immigration movie about Ellis Island.

(see the link above for the full interview).

Joaquin’s character name you ask? Bruno Weis……JG does like his names eh?!!!