Could Joaquin be cast?

27/12/2011 | By

Gaspar Noé’s Bret Easton Ellis-Penned ‘The Golden Suicides’

It seems like a perfect fit for Gosling’s sensibilities, in a role he’d likely knock out of the park, and teaming up with Noé seems to fit with the director’s propensity for working with acclaimed auteurs, although this is obviously in early stages. As ever, though, it’ll be a question of scheduling; Gosling’s got Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives and Terrence Malick’s Lawless" to shoot in 2012, and he’s being courted for virtually every other project.

It’s possible that Noé could have a back up, though, with Ellis also indiscreetly revealing that Joaquin [Phoenix] was hanging with Gaspar when we arrived." It sounds like that was more of a social chat than anything else, but Phoenix would also be a good fit for Blake, although he’s equally busy these days, with new films by James Gray and Spike Jonze lensing in 2012. We’re sure some kind of official announcement on the casting will follow soon enough, but it’s certainly made us take notice of the project.

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