New Film?

21/03/2012 | By

Ron Perlman to direct…

Thanks Bellissima for this article. Not sure how true it will turn out to be. April seems pretty soon!

ZACAPA: Yes. I’ve been cast in Ron Perlman’s directorial debut. My best friend wrote a script which Ron is going to be directing in April. They’ve already signed Joaquin Phoenix and Hal Holbrook and Ron told my friend Brian Turner, who wrote WOODEN LAKE, to pick the role that I wanted to play and I play the bartender. It’s a small film, it’s a drama. People wonder why Ron Perlman of HELLBOY and SONS OF ANARCHY fame would want to make his directorial debut in this very personal and small film, but he loved the writing and the story and I’m just blessed – I’m at that point in my career where I can be offered a role and not have to audition every time out the gate. So that’s truly great.

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