Tim Burgess Telling Stories

27/04/2012 | By

Tim’s new book has some interesting Joaquin stories!

"Joaquin looked like he lived in a car and his car looked like someone lived in it"

We were fortunate enough to be at St James’s Church, Picadilly, London on wednesday night attending Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess’s Telling Stories first official book signing. My (Karen) question was answered by Tim but I thought for once, I’ll leave the Joaquin Phoenix references alone….Digital Spy didn’t though! 

Is there any update on your songs with Joaquin Phoenix? Are you still in touch with him?
"I’ve not seen him for ages… I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore. The time that we spent together was a really great moment. A really great couple of months for me really. He invited me into the recording studio to work on a record and we had a really great time. All relationships with people in bands or actors I’ve met along the way, you meet them, you’re best friends for a minute and you just don’t see them at all. If you just remember them as being really great friends and in a way they are. Even if you don’t see someone, it’s kind of better, ‘cos you never get a chance to fall out!"

Telling Stories does offer some further insight into our man……Buy Here: Amazon

Photos: Bev De Friend

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