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Word from PTA!

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EXCLUSIVE: 65mm Filmstrip Reveals First Look At Phillip Seymour Hoffman As ‘The Master’; Film Still Being Edited

Just when you thought your May 15th was going to come and go without a kick: We here at the Vines can pass along the first official update on The Master direct from Paul Thomas Anderson as well as the first image of the film, kind of…the floor is yours, sir:

CJ –
good evening.  it’s been so long
and you’ve been so patient, thought
i’d fill you in on where we’re
at with it now: 


These shots include our lovely
Negative Cutter, Simone, imported
all the way from France to cut 65mm
negative.   She does it all with a pair
of scissors from Staples.  

I’ll have more to share in the
coming days/weeks/months.  Hope
you’re well. Thank you for all the support. 

See you soon.

Click any of those thumbnails to see the full sized versions.

And, because hitting CTRL + OPTION + APPLE + 8 takes alot of effort, I have close cropped the 65" filmstrip and reversed/color corrected it into an educated guess at the look. The image appears to be a Phil Hoffman as the Master.