Cannes 2012 -The Master

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The Trailer and what followed….

The Master

The Weinsteins unleash 4 wonderful minutes  at Cannes

Harvey Weinstein said the film might be available for TIFF consideration.

Referring to the whole evening he added "These are three unique masters of cinema," he asserted. "These are some of the best films we’ve ever been associated with."

Awards report back from tonight’s screenings….

The first reel they showed was from Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. We saw a lot more than could be shown in the trailer, naturally, as there were tits, masturbation and more violence. I couldn’t really get a read on what it’s about exactly except that people kept talking about Joaquin Phoenix like he was a madman. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams both great in what they have to do but it’s Phoenix’s show. If you’re looking for your possible acting nods, you have three potential ones right there.

I like it that it flies in the face of recent Academy tradition of safe, sappy fare. It throws down gasoline and lights it on fire. The music — Johnny Cash, Phoenix – completely out of his mind jerking off on the beach with people nearby. And there will be blood, sex, sweat and tears. Anderson is a ferocious, creative mind at work — this is a deepening for him, not a detour.

Joaquin Phoenix Returns. It’s Everything We Expected….and More….

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"Phoenix looks absolutely unhinged — but with all the makings of a year’s best performance"

"It’s been four years since Phoenix starred in a film — if you don’t count his hipster documentary I’m Still Here — and the combination of his glassy-eyed charm with what sounds like another unsettling Jonny Greenwood score is tantalizing"

"The Master is Phoenix’s first major film since his "retirement", and he looks astonishing in this early footage, combining menace and vulnerability with real panache" Total Film 

"Joaquin Phoenix is poised for a major comeback in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master" The

"The 2013 Oscar race has officially just kicked off and Joaquin Phoenix is leading the way. This is all about the triumphant return of Joaquin Phoenix"