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SPOILER alert…..do not read if you don’t want the plot revealed!

Thankyou to Yas for the translation!

"Marion Cotillard, the Christ and the mafia"

(…) while the 23rd day of shooting starts (…) Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix re adjust their costumes.

(…) Bruno Weiss, the mafioso, who collects the girls when they get off the boat and Sonia, the beautiful Polish girl who finds herself
under his control. "I imagined the story of this film (which title needs to be found) by mixing my family story with the concept of redemption"
says James Gray

Redemption is indeed the key to this story, a tragedy like Bresson and Dostoievski (…) We are in the heart of the matter with today’s scene
where Bruno, severely beaten, disfigured and christic is being healed by Sonia, this angel of goodness that he loves passionately
despite the harm he has done to her…

(…) Joaquin Phoenix is laying on the couch, letting the makeup girl staining his hair with fake blood. While waiting for the shoot. The actor
is clowning around, imitating (perfectly) the jaw in front of Marlon Brando in the Godfather (…)

"Action", announces the 1st assistant, "Smoke!" (…) Marion Cotillard, Mary Magdalene, with her beautiful face, runs to the bedside of her Christ.. She kneels down, says sweet words,
gently kisses the lips of Bruno. But when she tries to get up her heel gets stuck on the floor and she is blocked. "Bad Karma" says the director. He is right as Phoenix and Cotillard
are laughing hard and cannot stop for a few takes. And while touching the bloody hair of Bruno, her hands become red and she needs alcohol to remove the colour…(…)
A few words said to the actors after… Suddenly the intimacy between Bruno and Sonia bursts out, it is tangible, and with it the infinite compassion of the young lady, the pain of the man who loves her
without being loved in return. (…) James Gray tells Marion a sentence of the New Testament and in the next take she irradiates sweetness and goodwill.

James Gray also showed the journalist pictures of the film: Joaquin in the burlesque theater, Marion waiting for a "customer"…

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