Joaquin Outed?

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As a hoaxer I hasten to add!!! See below for the pick of the articles…

Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary Being Shopped to Distributors

We reported last year that Casey Affleck was directing a film about actor Joaquin Phoneix’s "retirement" from acting and his pursuit of a rap career. Deadline New York is now reporting that Affleck has finished the film and it is now being shopped to distributors.

The site reports that the film was screened at William Morris Endeavor, the agency that is packaging the film for distribution and that buyers were, "sworn to secrecy" over its content. It was also said that Harvey Weinstein was one of the buyers in attendance at the screening last week.

It doesn’t seem that a title has been chosen for this film quite yet and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments on this Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary as soon as we have more information.


Remember that “documentary” Casey Affleck was making about his brother-in-law and fellow actor Joaquin Phoenix during the star’s very public meltdown/performance? Well, it turns out the actor-turned-director has completed the film and is now shopping it around to buyers.

The film, now being labeled a mockumentary, features Phoenix’s transformation from A-List actor to aspiring rapper. The events were catapulted by the Walk The Line actor’s revelation that he intended to quit acting (he has since been rumored to be involved in an Edgar Allen Poe biopic) and the overnight deterioration of his image into a nearly homeless looking mess.

The audience of buyers that were lucky enough to view the film were sworn to secrecy but word is that the finished product is quite shocking. Will the reveal be that Phoenix was deadly serious or that it was all an elaborate performance art piece? Only time will tell but expect an announcement of acquisition in the coming weeks.


For a while now, we’ve heard all about how Joaquin Phoenix ‘s exit from Hollywoood and entry into rap was being documented in a documentary by Casey Affleck.

So, imagine the surprise that came with today’s story about the film: "Buyers See Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary."

Mockumentary? An in, Spinal Tap? As in, total fiction? As in, have we been punked?  

To answer the last question first, you weren’t punked if you never bought that Phoenix’s bearded space-cadet act— as seen on David Letterman, and on the stage of a Vegas club—was legit.

As for the big question: Was Phoenix’s pursuit of rap all for show? We reached out to Phoenix’s and Affleck’s respective reps for comment, but haven’t heard back.

Notably, despite its word choice, itself doesn’t sound 100 percent positive about Phoenix’s intentions. "Presumably," the site says, "the film answers Hollywood’s bewilderment about whether [Joaquin] was serious about quitting acting—or whether he was just, well, acting."

Before going deep underground , Phoenix insisted his pursuit of rap was " not a hoax ." On the other hand, Phoenix is a very good actor. And over the last several months, the two-time Oscar nominee has resurfaced, sans the Jim Morrison disguise, and rapper pose, first alongside Miley Cyrus in an anti-suicide PSA and later at an Oscar party .

On the other other hand, even more than a year-and-a-half into his career detour, Phoenix has yet to announce a new movie project.

Unless you count the documentary, er, mockumentary, er… Maybe we should wait and see the thing first .