Cannes shocked….

20/05/2010 | By

Joaquin Phoenix movie shocks Cannes- seems the film is being shown there then?? Not the best reaction or translation but you get the gist..The article states he was there?????

It seems that in the year Joaquin Phoenix was "absent" from the movieand he really freaked out. His documentary I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix aired at Cannes and stunned the audience at the festival.

The actor appeared at the event to present to potential investors and distributors. The film, a kind of faux documentary style Borat or Bruno with Sacha Baron Cohen, only even more controversial.

Why? Several sequences of explicit sex are shown and truly disturbing moments that involve physical violence and other moral and sexual perversity.

Phoenix sniffs cocaine in front of the camera, calls prostitutes by phone, has oral sex with a spokeswoman and abuses his assistants. The worst moment is perhaps when one of these assistants defecates upon Phoenix as he sleeps.

The main distributors of the movie did not present any official comment but many of their representatives said that this is deplorable and worthy of being called insane.