Being Joaquin Phoenix

20/05/2010 | By

Amusing article on the documentary!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the documentary/film news broke but I’d like to post this little piece from the Caledonian Mercury……very amusing!

I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix is unlikely to be a straight fish-out-of-water musical documentary like Woody Allen’s Wild Man Blues.

Based on the twinkling mischief hiding behind his beard on Letterman, this is Gladiator and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix playing a version of Joaquin Phoenix.

You may wish to describe this behaviour as post-structuralist, an exagerrated defence mechanism or just a celebrity tweaking the public’s idea of themselves

You can see the attraction – they’re unlikely to fail the audition – but there are pitfalls. As we’re about to find out in the Joaquin Phoenix movie, the person and the personality chosen to be projected and immortalised on screen can get muddled.
Just ask John Malkovich.

It is said that when playing – who else? – John Malkovich on Being John Malkovich, he was in full flow when interrupted by director Spike Jonze. “I’m sorry, John,” Jonze said. “Malkovich wouldn’t do that.”