Phoenix film not a hoax

28/05/2010 | By

Joaquin Phoenix film NOT a hoax….says Casey Affleck….again!

Joaquin Phoenix film NOT a hoax
When formerly lush actor Joaquin Phoenix grew a Captain Birdseye beard and started behaving erratically during interviews, we hoped he was just having a little joke with us all. When it was later revealed that his “journey” was being filmed for a special documentary by pal Casey Affleck, it seemed even more likely that the whole thing was a hoax. However, Casey himself has now denied this, saying that Joaquin is not putting anything on for the cameras. “
To the outside world there were certain media spectacles that were kind of embarrassing for him and cast him in a very negative light,” explains Casey. “I hope that this film in some way goes towards redressing that balance, and giving a real portrait of him during those times. When it began, I couldn’t foresee all that would happen. I’d be lying if I said that I knew that all the fantastic things in the documentary would take place over the couple of years I spent with him filming, and maybe he would not have wanted me to do so had he known. But he had made a commitment to me and let me see it through.”