Aria radio interview

07/06/2010 | By

NRJ Radio (France) posted the text of an interview with Aria Crescendo this morning on Facebook

I edited the translation slightly, so it reads better.

Aria Crescendo was invited in this morning on the occasion of the release of "Who’s My Bitch" with her group "The Paradiso Girls". "We are all of different countries" she says.

"Who’s My Bitch"? "In fact it is because we are a group of 5 girls and this is to show the strength, the domineering girls who do not leave themselves to do". "I was signed with Interscope".

The United States? "I am at the United States for 3 years and I live in Beverly Hills".
"It was an accident, I knew Bono from the South of France and this is him that introduced me to the manager of the record label. He (meaning the record label head) came to see me to dance on scene to the Crazy Horse and he liked me. He had this group project in mind and therefore it asked me if I wanted to come to Los Angeles". "I have some trouble to accustom to Los Angeles as I left behind in France, my friends and family".

The actor Joaquin Phoenix? "We are together, one speaks English. P Diddy and Joaquin know each other and they did a report together. An evening ago Interscope in the month of January and I met him over there. This is someone of great talent. He writes a film on musical comedies therefore at first this was to work and then we had a flash".

FB LINK: NRJ Facebook