Casey Affleck has trouble in mind

16/06/2010 | By

Little bit more…..

Made by a director who sometimes flaunts a light, ironic touch (the Madchester music biopic 24 Hour Party People is from Winterbottom) and starring a slippery actor, The Killer Inside Me often feels like a thriller held at arm’s length, fascinatingly oblique. Affleck seems drawn to the vibe; a pet project of his is a documentary he’s made himself about his brother-in-law, the troubled actor Joaquin Phoenix. (A cut is currently being shopped to distributors.) “My goal was an extreme close-up of someone who’s grown very private,” he says of the profile. “He jumped into the musical deep end too soon. I had no idea what we’d capture over the two years. It’s a strange film.” Affleck mentions hundreds of hours of footage, hanging out with Phoenix in his house in his boxers. He cracks a smile, his potential career as a nonfiction provocateur a glimmer. Maybe he’ll get used to being unpredictable.