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Well now the news has sunk in, me (Karen) and Poppie would like to share a few of our thoughts with you. Poppie posted this on our forum very quickly after the news broke:

"OMFG…again haha!!!…I have been in total delirium all day…oh yeah…how I remember that day (October 27th 2008)…that shattering heartbreaking news …we were in such a mess…like our lives had ended…that is when Karen and  I discovered that we were one and the same in our heartbreak and our special love for Joaquin…until then we were friends on a forum from two different countries and knew nothing much about each other. Then she contacted me personally and said "we need to talk"…..That’s when the phone calls started and we became firm friends. We have never ever given up…While many fans departed…….Some did not care for his look nor the thought of hip hop rap or whatever…..Our love never faultered and way before his re-emergence we had our website and forum planned because we couldn’t let all this amazing history nor whatever was in the future become redundant……Don’t get me wrong…there have been many ups and downs…anger & frustration at how he could do this to us but then getting realistic about it and having faith that whatever he was doing it would end up being brilliant…The media did our heads in a few times haha…but where would we be without them…we depend solely on the media for all our news and pictures so I guess we need to be a little kind to them in a way……NOW they have delivered this news…FINALLY…"I’M STILL HERE" is just about on our doorstep and I can’t possibly explain how this makes me feel……it’s like a complete happiness!!!"  Poppie 

"I said ‘patience rewarded’ on here for a reason….I actually felt rewarded a few days ago when I heard the news about the film coming out soon. The last time I saw Two Lovers at the cinema (the last showing in London after 2 measely weeks) it was horrible thinking that it was my last chance to see Joaquin on the big screen in something new. I saw Two Lovers for the first time before the Bye!Good and mighty lucky I was too. A week or so later, I heard the awful news that Joaquin was retiring. How I wished those few days would pass so I could see Joaquin at the AFI, in LA at the weekend, hoping against hope he’d changed his mind from just a few days earlier!! No such joy and apart from how damned gorgeous he looked that night, it was heartbreaking to see him say GoodBye! Bye!Good….whichever way round, it was awful… Then came the news….music it was…..rap/hip hop it was…..Then Lavo, Letterman and Liv…..not my happiest days I can tell you! Then nothing……and nothing…….and more nothing. So yes, whatever this film is…..however it turns out… patience has been rewarded, I will see Joaquin again on the big screen. A place where he belongs."  Karen 

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