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Joaquin given another ‘should have been nominated’ nod!

Best actor

It may have been perfect casting, but Clint Eastwood didn’t give Morgan Freeman enough to work with as Nelson Mandela in "Invictus." Colin Firth makes suicide look chic in "A Single Man," but the movie hasn’t broken out. George Clooney does what he does best in "Up in the Air" — it’s a consummate movie star performance in a role tailored to his talents and persona. In another year, that might have been enough. Jeremy Renner is riveting in "The Hurt Locker," but he’s not a star (yet?). And then out of left field comes Jeff Bridges as an alcohol-soaked country singer in "Crazy Heart," the right man in the right part at the right time, and a lock for the Oscar. Everybody likes Bridges, this critic included, but the best male performance of the year wasn’t even nominated: Joaquin Phoenix in "Two Lovers"

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