A further ‘Her’ update from the LA Film Festival

17/07/2013 | By

Spike Jonze revealed that there may be some further filming on Her….

Film Independent reports: It was a big enough treat to see Spike Jonze and his good friend/sometime collaborator David O. Russell bantering, laughing, whispering and talking shop on the stage together during the “Spike Jonze: A Rubber Band and His Comb” conversation at the recent Los Angeles Film Festival. But Spike made it even more special by revealing two scenes from his current work-in-progress, Her, about Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a man who develops a romantic relationship with an artificial intelligence operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. “This was shot at 9th and Flower,” said Jonze, who was careful throughout the night to note nearby locations from all his work as a nod to the local audience. “It’s set in the slight future of L.A. It’s all rough, no color correction. “It’s the first time it’s being shown in public.”


“This is a movie we’re still finishing,” he said, admitting that he’s already a year into the editing process. “There are some scenes we still want to do, a couple scenes we’re writing that we want to shoot.”

Jonze wrote and directed Her, making it his first solo feature screenplay.

In the first scene he screened, Theodore installs/meets Samantha, the OS1 personality custom-built for him. In the second, Theodore takes Samantha to the beach.


2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Spike Jonez: A Brand Of His Own And His Comb" Premiere