A Mountain Hotel with Guests Joaquín Phoenix and JC Reilly at Hecho During the Filming of ‘The Sisters Brothers’

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Beautiful words written by the owners of a small hotel where Joaquin and JC Reilly stayed whilst filming.

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Joaquín Phoenix and John Christopher Reilly have stayed in a small establishment of Hecho during the filming of ‘Les Frères Sisters’.

Rosa CalvoHuesca 22 / 07/2017

A mountain hotel with cinema guests
Little has to do with the rattling of the Hollywood walk of fame or the flashes on the red carpets with the peace that is breathed out in the garden of the hotel Usón de Hecho, in which animals and nature put the only soundtrack . And it has been enjoyed for ten days by actors Joaquin Phonix and John Christopher Reilly who have stayed in this small mountain lodge, located on the road to Selva de Oza, just four kilometers from where the Filming of the American production ‘Les Frères Sister’.

“For us it has been an honor to be able to accommodate these actors, because they are simple, close, very good people,” explains Lucía Carrera, who runs the establishment with her husband, Imanol Ollaquindia. It breaks the idea of ​​eccentricity that can have the actors of Hollywood, and that many give especially to Joaquin Phoneix, with fame of risky. “At first they can be a little serious in the form of a shield, because they are media characters and they usually attract attention, but with a little more confidence you see that they are normal, educated and very kind people,” says Carrera, who did not hesitate In photographing himself with the actors in the garden of his hotel, as a souvenir of his stay, since not every day you can live with someone who has been nominated for an Oscar three times.
The hotel, located in the middle of nature, has 11 rooms and three apartments, where they already hosted a few years ago part of the cast of the Spanish movie ‘Que se mueran los ufos’, which also had several locations within the province . Both then and now, with actors who are much more internationally recognized, all coincide in pointing out the tranquility of this area. “We are in a very small valley and that is not passing, so they have coincided with very few people,” says the owner of the establishment.

In the case of Phoneix, he is fluent in Spanish, since he was born in Puerto Rico, so communication was easier, with John Christopher Reilly, always in English. Their marathon shooting days left them with little time to enjoy the area, “but they were always very respectful with the schedules fixed, and adapted perfectly to the standards of the hotel,” says Carrera, who denies that he had to modify the routine Of the establishment before the condition of its guests. Yes they took time to enjoy the Pyrenees at the gastronomic level, as the owner says, “moved a lot”, moving to Jaca or the town of Hecho.

The two actors left the hotel already on Tuesday, although filming continues in the area. The arrival of Hollywood has meant a reversal to the usually quiet life in the Pyrenean valleys. In fact, also this week a young man was in the valley of Tena with actor Jake Gyllenhall, another of the protagonists of the film, that stopped him to see his jersey of the Warriors – team of the NBA. They both made a ‘selfie’ with the youngster’s tractor in the background, which exceeded 1,100 ‘retuits’ hours later.

In addition to allowing such curious encounters, the production has moved around 200 extras by the fixed locations, generating between 8,000 and 10,000 overnight stays. Shooting is estimated to generate direct employment for some 150 people, in addition to the added activity for local providers and services, such as cranes, structures, internet connection, security personnel or catering, among others.