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Some clips were shown at the LA Film Festival at the weekend as reported by us earlier this year and Slash Film  has this spoiler laden report:

Saturday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Spike Jonze unveiled Her. It was the first time the director of Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Where the Wild Thing Are showed any footage from his fourth film in public and it was as quirky and interesting as you’ve come to expect from Jonze. On top of that, it was also incredibly insightful and sweet. Set in Los Angeles of the “slight-future,” Joaquin Phoenix plays a man who has just purchased OS1, the world’s first artificially intelligent computer operating system and, over the course of the film, he’ll fall in love with it.

Jonze both wrote and directed Her, making it his first solo feature screenplay. Warner Bros. has scheduled the film for a November release but Jonze revealed he’s been editing for about a year and has plenty more work to do. “This is a movie we’re still finishing,” he said. “There are some scenes we still want to do, a couple scenes we’re writing that we want to shoot.” That’s normal for Jonze, though, who said some of his films have taken over two years of post production.

In the two scenes screened from Her (note: Neither Jonze nor the moderator, David O. Russell, ever explicity called the film “Her” so maybe another title change is coming) we see the first time Phoenix’s character, Theodore, installs OS1 and meets Samantha, the custom personality OS1 builds for him voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Then he screened a scene from later in the film where Theodore takes Samantha to the beach.

Read more about the scenes below.

I’m going to describe each scene in detail and even include some quotes. So if you’d like to remain unspoiled, you should probably stop reading. But know Jonze himself was fine with people seeing these scenes.

The first scene is Theodore installing OS1 into his computer. It’s a big, white, widescreen monitor with a red screen and a symbol that looks like two figure eights on top of each other. Theodore is wearing a red shirt, visually linking him with the computer from early on.

In a male voice, OS1 explains it would like to ask him a few questions. “Are you social or anti-social?” “Would you like a male or female voice?” “How would you describe your relationship with your mother?” “How are you hoping an OS can make your life easier?” To each question, Theodore answers with an almost puzzled, hesitant tone, confused why the computer is asking these personal questions. At one point it even responds “In your voice I sense hesitance. Would you agree with that?” Later, it simply starts cutting his rambling off, seemingly getting more information from his cadence than content. Finally, it says it’s ready and the system restarts.

Some fabulous Twitter reports have been spotted by Kaja:

Just watched early scenes from Spike Jonze’s new film, HER. Not sure any actor today gives more depth to the “everyman” than Joaquin Phoenix

Favorite performance of year so far might be Joaquin Phoenix in clips Spike Jonze just showed from HER. So no pressure on final film. #laff

Onto HER! There are still a few more scenes being written to shoot

Whoa HER looks really great. Very funny, and then emotional. Two scenes with Joaquin Phoenix, one with Rooney Mara. She plays his ex-wife.

Scarlett Johansson voices the computer he falls for. Just her normal, casual voice, not computerized.

Just saw the first footage from Spike Jonze’s Her. It’s funny, really insightful & incredibly sweet. For a movie about a man loving an OS.

Spike Jonze just screened 2 scenes from his new film–looks beautiful. #LAFilmFest

Spike Jonze just screened part of his new film, HER, for the first time to the public, JUST KNOW its going to be A MONSTER! #LAFilmFest

Rooney Mara, early Oscar favorite for best supporting actress based on what I saw in Spike Jonze’s new film.