Joaquin and Shaun Monson join Activists of LA Animal Save at Farmer Johns Meats LA

17/02/2017 | By

Joaquin and Shaun Monson (Earthlings and Unity) and Shaun’s daughter join a vigil for Pigs arriving at the slaughter house in trucks where they have been imprisoned for two days without food or water, this was in the early hours after midnight on Valentines Day Feburary 14th 2017.  It seems an almost impossible task with everyday bringing more horror for our precious animal kingdom in our world but at least with these amazing people and many like them, one new person daily may understand and implement a change.  We love Joaquin for his passion and bringing awareness.  It is always so heartbreaking to learn of what goes on but our admiration must go to these people who witness such horror to bring it to our attention.  Bless them.