Joaquin for Lex Luthor???

19/12/2013 | By

Rolling Stone and just about everyone report that Joaquin has been offered the role of Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel….

Nothing confirmed as yet!

The rumours continue to swirl around the upcoming Man  of Steel sequel. Now Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly the latest  high-profile actor being courted for the role of Lex Luthor.

According to unnamed sources, the Oscar-nominated star is in early talks with  Warner Brothers to play an unidentified role believed to be Luthor, Superman’s  infamous arch-nemesis, reports Variety. Phoenix’s representatives declined to comment  on the rumor and, as Variety notes, the actor might not even accept the  role if he’s offered it.

A blockbuster superhero film does seem like an odd choice for Phoenix, who  has been avoiding mainstream films lately and earning major acclaim in the  process. This year, he appeared in Spike Jonze’s buzzed-about film Her,  playing a disillusioned man who falls in love with a computer operating system;  he also earned a Best Actor nomination last year for his performance in Paul  Thomas Anderson’s The  Master, which Rolling Stone ranked the best  film of 2012.

The Lex Luthor role has been a major source of speculation this year. At one  point, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was rumored  to have signed on as the villain, while Callan Mulvey and Jason Momoa have  also been linked to the role. Other reports have suggested the film will feature  other members  of the Justice League, including Wonder Woman and the Flash. While most of  these roles are still up in the air, others have been made official – including  Ben  Affleck as Batman (which sparked a nerdy uproar earlier this year) and Henry  Cavill as Superman.

The Zack Snyder-directed sequel, which follows this year’s Man of  Steel, will hit theatres on July 17th, 2015.