Joaquin Phoenix Central – 3

16/08/2012 | By

Welcome to the new Joaquin Phoenix Central. This is our 3rd version and we think you will like the new look! All ready for our gala year when The Master comes out! All the old articles came with us and of course we have our relatively new gallery The Dark Room , showing on here, the latest uploads. We have our thriving forum It’s All About Joaquin Phoenix so if you haven’t already joined, pop over today and start talking! We have our JPC Facebook and our Twitter and coming soon our own Youtube channel.

So we must thank Matt for all his work on JPC 3 and The Dark Room and Chris for all his work on JPC 1 and 2.

Thankyou to all our Forum Joaquin fans and in particular Bellissima and Kaja for constantly finding articles and pictures that we have missed, Jean on the JPC FB for her ever lasting enthusiasm and as ever we thank most of all, the man himself:

The Master, Joaquin Phoenix.


Karen and Poppie August 2012