Joaquin Phoenix Has Wandered Back On To The Proper Path….

03/11/2012 | By

Just back from the London opening of The Master in glorious 70mm at Odeon West End. I saw it twice and tonight’s screening at 8.25pm was sold out….. However, you could of heard a pin drop went that curtain went up. Electrifying performances and  breath taking scenes make for a mind blowing 2 hours and 24 minutes. Twice.

Joaquin is phenomenal, unparalleled, carnal, human, physical and tangible…… Phillip Seymour Hoffman is wondrous and enigmatic…… Amy Adams is accomplished and original….

The film stretches out across the screen like a vision….. a glorious tale of love, power and human frailty. Scene after scene, Joaquin’s Freddie Quell delivers….. You cannot take your eyes off him as he makes his journey towards Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd and beyond. Ultimately heartbreaking, the film is as Paul Thomas Anderson said, a love story. Beautifully shot and a a brilliant cast. Whoever spotted Jesse Plemons as Val, Lancaster’s son, deserves a medal!

I will not divulge anything about the story….. even if I wanted to, I really have nothing to add. The story speaks for itself and the performances are striking.

After the film I spoke to a  film student who came to see the film with his old class members.  He said that  Paul Thomas Anderson had ‘brought us all back together’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Karen JPC

Odeon West End, London. Nov 2nd 2012