JPC review of Her

19/01/2014 | By

Poppie, ……has seen Her and read her review below! No major spoilers, so enjoy!

“OMG!!  The opening scene is gorgeous and when you finally realize what is happening it is funny already!  Theodore is beautiful!  I wondered about the people around me, most of them probably only know of Joaquin Phoenix the actor, I wished actually that I was one of them so that I could get a different aspect of this film!  For me being a fan and knowing whatever there is publicly to know about this star I struggled with my mind to see the fictional side!  There is this scene, if you have seen the film or when you do you will know my meaning!  I likened it to how we felt when our star reportedly retired from acting, that devastating panic only our panic lasted two years!  Actually through the whole film I felt “this is almost exactly what it is like being a devoted fan”, just the technology is different and of course the communication but the desolate feeling when reality kicks in!  Joaquin is brilliant as Theodore, I doubt there would be anyone who would not agree this role could not be played by any other and as usual with any of his films you feel whatever he wants you to feel!   I kept giggling at those damn pants and some other wardrobe they had him in, I really don’t like that fashion so hope it’s not going to be the “in thing” sometime in the future!  Some sex scenes but so well done, I have always wondered how people have sex on the internet, of course in this case with an artificially intelligent operating system, so I learnt something!!!

This is a hard film to review but words such as innocence, lonesome, beautiful, loving, funny, heartbreaking, pain, dorky, anxious, come to mind along with how beautifully it is shot as well as the talented acting of Joaquin and others.  For me an understanding of having a friend who is really not a friend out in the world where thousands of others also have this same friend who is not really their friend, in Theodore’s case, well again once you have seen the film you will understand!  Scary and confusing, hard to fathom the difference between real and make believe and how you do or would handle that!  I know others will see this so differently but I can only share what I feel myself!  Not sure what really happens in the end and not sure if that’s how it’s meant to be perceived, maybe where ever your imagination takes you, I am yet to work it out but I know how I would like it to end!  I guess like any unrealistic dream, totally out of reach unless you have lost your sanity!  This is my take for now but maybe after seeing it a few times I will have a different view!  Loved the gadgets, I hope some of them come to fruition!

 Don’t miss this film on the big screen, it is worth every second of your time and if you are a Joaquin Phoenix fan you will absolutely adore him, if you are not then you will admire him and the cleverness of this film!  It is genius so good luck to Spike being nominated.  As for Joaquin NOT being nominated, he prefers to act and then get tucked away.  It would seem though that the world is already aware of his talent and brilliance so I for one want to thank those Directors etc. who take a chance with him awards or not!  Bless them all because we get another two hours of Joaquin genius!”

Poppie, Joaquin Phoenix Central