JPC’s Reaction to Joaquin’s Oscar Snub

18/10/2012 | By

It’s not often that myself and Poppie find ourself in a dilemma as to what to say about Joaquin…. In fact you will normally find us chomping at the bit to talk about him and praise him up. However, after reading yesterday’s interview and seeing the influx of articles it has spurned, we felt we would add our two penn’orth to the debate.

That said, we  do reserve our right to love and adore him but above all admire him as an actor and friend to all animals.

When you love and admire someone, you can sometimes not see the wood for the trees and I do believe people think at times we are just 2 crazy girls, dishing out the praise unconditionally. Sometimes we are guilty of that! Not so this time….

Frankly we were rather shocked to read what he said about the Oscars and the whole promoting a film process. We had hoped that even if, like he inferred, the Oscars meant nothing to him, he would go along with the idea to please his peers and ultimately to excite the fans. In our day jobs which generally speaking are not as glamorous, highly paid or prestigious as being an actor, we all have to do things we don’t like. However we do them because we don’t want to lose our jobs but more important we do them because it means something to others.

In this case it would mean so much to us, the fans, to see Joaquin recognised as the truly exceptional actor that he is. That’s all. No big thing. One night out of a person’s life.

We were also concerned about the lack of respect it showed to his fellow actors/directors who may not share his view on the whole Oscar process, particularly we were concerned about PTA who has been extremely kind in promoting Joaquin, constantly talking about him at interviews and saying how good he is in The Master.

Sabotaging another film promotion or at the very least attempting to, is bitterly disappointing to us. We’ve waited a long time to see this film and a lot of us outside the US still haven’t seen it. It’s a real shame that some tact and diplomacy couldn’t have been shown in that interview so the film could be enjoyed untarnished. What happens next during the awards season, remains to be seen. For myself (Karen), I had intended on having an Oscar Party….. I do most years but this time, we were dead certain our man would be there and nominated. It’s little things like that, that keep us going.  It’s a small thing to some but huge to us. We don’t know what the academy will think but we certainly know what Joaquin thinks about it, so even if his remarks are ignored and he is nominated, we will now know it means Jack shit to him. Thanks!

Having said all that we have always endured the good and bad that comes with Mr Joaquin Phoenix….. and we always will…. It’s just sometimes we do feel we need to say something!

We do invite Joaquin to respond to this. We only offer our 2 opinions and we know others feel differently.

You may wish to join our Forum to see those thoughts!

Karen and Poppie

Gyp Rossetti from Boardwalk Empire can end this article!