Reflections in a Golden Statue’s Eye….

25/02/2013 | By

Well the show is over and so ends award season, in the main.

Pretty disappointing all in all.

We don’t appear so far to have any shots of Joaquin on the Red Carpet. We believe he flew down it and into the show in the blink of an eye. It was a rather different story last month at the BAFTA’s wasn’t it? Oh well…..another day, another Joaquin Phoenix film to look forward to!

Lets brush ourselves down and think about what’s coming up this year!

The Master DVD coming out tomorrow in the US and next week for the UK and Australia….. Plus point!

April – Inherent Vice starts shooting….Plus point 2!!

May – Cannes and well we hope, Lowlife….. Where we start all over again! Plus point 3!!!