Oscar Fever…

21/02/2013 | By

Well the time has nearly come…… we look forward to the Oscar’s this Sunday with some trepidation to be fair but ultimately with huge excitement. The debates are nearly over….the jury are very nearly returned. A few days and we will know. We like many other media websites and newspaper’s believe we know who should win the award for Best Actor but fear the man who should win….might not.

Lincoln and Daniel Day Lewis stand firmly in The Master’s way. There’s no getting away from that.

It’s hard to be so down on a film starring Daniel Day Lewis too……but lately we have found ourselves doing just that! Bizarro! Anyway, it really is nothing personal but having watched all this year’s contenders, we feel, deep into our souls, that Joaquin’s role as Freddie Quell should steal that award right from Daniel’s awaiting hands!

Stranger things have happened? Let’s have faith and get those positive vibes over to Hollywood for Sunday night!

Good Luck to Joaquin…..we love you, we believe in you and we hope you pick up that golden statue, hold it high, as the most deserving and fitting of winners. 

Karen and Poppie xxxxx

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