Poppie’s PTA and Master Experience

26/10/2012 | By

Poppie’s experience at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival in Sydney…… aka the Cockatoo Cock Up!

I struck it lucky to start off…not being accustomed to red carpet events I had no idea where to stand to get the autograph so I ended up in the midst of the photographers & media…after a very long time…listening to their devices saying who was coming in next I asked someone if they were sure PTA was actually walking the red carpet…she assured me he was so I kept waiting…then another girl asks me who I am with…I tell her I’m not with any company but am invoived in a website for JP & I desperately want PTA’s autograph…she says she doesn’t think he is planning on signing autographs as when he arrives it will be straight in to present the film but she said just stay there & I’ll see what I can do…she comes back to tell me that he will sign for me…she was with Village Roadshow who are the distributors for Oz & her friend is who is looking after Paul…how fuckin lucky was that…so he finally arrives…after the photographers were finished with him he comes over…I hand him the pic & he looks at it & has a strange smile on his face…signs & promptly without blinking I’m sure draws the moe on Joaquie…it took my breath & I was in shock horror surprised …looked at him & he was grinning…then I just cracked up laughing! lol1 I cannot tell you one word he said…not a thing…I was blown away…he is a sweet gracious man & I am very damn impressed….what a sweetie to do that even if he did mutilate Joaquie with the moustache!

Such a long story about the cinema…it was full so they had it now in 2 more cinema’s…eventually after much walking & following everyone through tunnels & over old paved ground (with fuckin very high heels!!!) we come to the Blacksmith Shop Cinema…people are still being turned away but I was over it by now so I found someone & told them they just had to find somewhere for us…cut a long story short we ended up down the front of that cinema on the floor along with many others including some high profile Aussie directors…we were all whinging when someone near me says…just imagine if this didn’t happen I wouldn’t get to talk & laugh with you…that turned out to be Baz Luhrmman sitting on the floor with us…we had found a place at the side near this big black curtain…I had my shoes off…this short dress on & sitting yoga style trying to maintain some dignity when a pair of joggers appeared next to me…I look up & guess who…Mr PTA himself AGAIN…he smiles down at me & said something & I just said “if I hadn’t waited for him to get the autograph I wouldn’t be sitting on this floor right now but it was worth it”…he couldn’t hear me so he leans down & I repeat…once again I am blank & honestly cannot remember what he said but he was smiling again…so he had got around & made sure that all the cinema’s got him presenting his amazing film…he was happily announcing that even though this film had been played in many places this was the first time it had overflow…kinda softened the blow a bit…so here I am watching our guy laying (yes I used my shoes for a pillow & sprawled out) on the fuckin floor of this weird place looking up at this massive screen…not expected nor the perfect way to view but OMG I still wouldn’t trade the experience…something I will never forget! As for the film I will write a review later but just gotta say…brilliant/simply amazing/fuckin unreal…OMFG Joaquie…even if he doesn’t want Oscar they just might give it to him…he is just too amazing…it is surprising & the trailers actually give nothing away which was another surprise & there’s much more…I could feel it in that cinema…every damn one appreciated all of their performances…not a sound at the right times & laughter where it should be…no one moved & at the end everyone stood & applauded…I wanted to cry…so through all of this it was worth every second of sitting & laying on that floor!

Review later!

Poppie and PTA! Bigger in The Dark Room