Predictable and Hideous Media Backlash….

05/02/2013 | By

Honestly…. We at JPC cannot believe the spitefulness and downright rudeness in some of the Oscar Luncheon reports today. We shouldn’t be so surprised of course….. Sadly….the knife never stops being twisted.  We should know better….

We as Joaquin fans and admirers remember all too well the 2 years leading up to I’m Still Here. The rumours, the worries etc…. There is a huge ‘but’ to that story though……but WE GOT OVER IT! It was a film, a piece of fiction, a character. Can the media ever understand that? Clearly not judging by some of the hideous reports today.

Let’s put the record straight….. A short, well kept beard and clean fluffy/floppy hair does not mean a meltdown is on the horizon.

We see no wrinkled suit nor do we see anything amiss and we should know….. We see a talented actor, with his sister and loyal friend and publicist Susan Patricola. No drama, no fuss, no story.

We don’t normally react to the gutter press in such a way but this time it’s completely unfounded. They are seeing things that just aren’t there.

Don’t take our word for it…..see below!