The Beach of Miracles, Phoenix is ​​Jesus in Santa Margherita

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Another amazing update from filming, thank you forum member Bellissima…not the greatest translation but I think we get the idea!

Joaquin Phoenix wearing robe, sandals and hair hair, has long gray beard and is standing on the beach in Santa Margherita. Their backs to the sea, puts her hands on the eyes of a child who is blind: she opens them again, finally smiles. The row is opened, there is a paralytic on a bed, also heals him. “Me, me, me” shout a hundred people who tend their hands, trying to get space, get closer. I am amazed. Each of them requires a miracle. Among the crowd there is Rooney Mara with a taupe-colored headscarf. Facial soap and water, his eyes in front of the camera are full of light when resting the back of the hand on the face of Jesus in a light caress while the people around the rings. There is also Francesco Scianna, with a little girl in her arms, it seems that the little sleep. It approaches in Phoenix that touches his forehead. She wakes up. And ‘the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter. Are some of the scenes of “Mary Magdalene” that the Australian director Garth Davis is shooting in the Trapanese. Mara, the star of the film “Carol”, plays the role of Mary Magdalene, one of the most important and controversial women in Christian history, while Joaquin Phoenix plays Jesus Christ. After several months of activities in Galilee, Jesus is already known. People come from all over to see it. Impossible to escape all these people willing to listen to him all day. The aging face and dirty earth for Phoenix that little reminiscent of the evil Emperor patricidal de “Gladiator.” You pause. Chiwetel Ejiofor arrives, star of the film “12 Years a Slave”, who plays the apostle Peter. It turns the episode of the new Christian baptism. Approaching St. Peter’s one at a time, they kneel, he bathes them on the head with the sea water, raises his hands to heaven. The film will be made entirely in Italy. Filming in Sicily are provided only in the province of Trapani, up to 27 October, within the nature reserve of Mount Hood, Custonaci, Tonnara del Secco, Zingaro Nature Reserve, San Vito Lo Capo beach and Santa Margherita beach . The cast will then move to Matera, Naples and Rome. It ‘was the director to choose the places, one after another. Love at first sight with the Trapani province popped in September when he visited for the first time the Mangiapane Cave, one of the nativity scene, and he’s in love. And right there he kicked off the first take, October 3rd: he turned the scene of the birth of Mary Magdalene’s nephew. Davis – who has just directed the Mara on the drama set “Lion” shot between India and Australia – has chosen Trapani because it lends itself to the reconstruction of the places described in the Gospels. T. F Corporation Ninni Tartaglia in recent months has dealt with casting between Palermo and Trapani selecting 150 people between two thousand participants in the two provinces. Today we turn the scene of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. (Jade Lo Porto)