The Master Reviews and Spoilers

18/08/2012 | By

After last Wednesday’s showing of The Master in Chicago, reviews and plot giveaways are flooding in. We at Joaquin Phoenix Central feel it’s unfair to post all of these total storyline revelations. We appreciate that people do like to read the reviews but some of them are just giving the lot away! So, that said, we are posting reviews under spoilers on our Forum so if anyone wants to read them, that’s where they will be…..until of course, the rest of the world has caught up… a few of us at least have seen it! We think we can hold out until after the film opens in the USA but of course as JPC is British/Australian, we are hoping to hold out until November!

A lot of people are waiting to see this film and they should be able to enjoy it, untarnished and then digest the reviews. It’s hard not to read them if they are in your face on here! That’s our feeling but of course, you may wish to read them up front, in which case, it’s a good excuse to pop over to our Forum where they will be…..hiding under spoilers!

Rest assured, when the time comes to talk about the film, we will!